Ann Chery

Ann Chery shapewear offers a huge variety of men’s shapewear styles for all body types and body shaping needs. Ann Chery men’s shapewear comes in several categories, each with a specific function. The Ann Chery Power Net collection is ideal for extended wear and post-op wear because it offers superior slimming and support with extra breathability. The Ann Chery de Lujo collection uses a super stretch Lycra blend fabric that fits like a second skin for a moderate amount of shaping with long lasting comfort. The Ann Chery Comfort line of shaping bodysuits and tummy shapers features a fabric that is comfortable and breathable and offers effective shaping. The Ann Chery Latex collection targets the tummy, abs and back, burning fat while providing heavy-duty shaping, and reducing the effect of sweating. The Ann Chery Fusionada line features a proprietary fabric comprised of two layers of heavy-duty shaping materials for the most dramatic sculpting effect around the tummy, sides and back. The Ann Chery Interior collection of stylish women’s basics, including panties and bras, provides perfect foundation pieces for any occasion.
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